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41 million poverty relief! Yet over 22 crore people are still ‘poor’ in India ABBO News

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#New Delhi: India’s poverty alleviation statistics have been identified by the United Nations as a ‘Historic Chapter’ Published statistics claim that between 2005-06 and 2019-21, more than 41 crore people have been lifted out of poverty in India. But this statistic is also true that most of the poorest people in the world still live in India The number of people living below the poverty line in India is more than 22 crore India has more poor people than Nigeria

Although the United Nations wants to see the development of poor liberation as an example of permanent development or sustainable development. Besides, wanting to say, the country is traveling in this historical direction The Sangh hopes that India will be able to easily reach the target of lifting half of India’s people out of poverty by 2030.

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India’s Multidimensional Poverty Index was released on Monday by the United Nations Development Programme, in collaboration with the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative. It is said that 41.5 crore people have been freed from poverty during this period

These statistics reveal that India is on the path to sustainable development, which is achievable India plans to lift at least half of the country’s women, men and children out of poverty. A deadline has been set for the completion of that plan by 2030 The United Nations believes that India can easily achieve this goal The United Nations declared it a historic change by publishing these figures

The Sangh has also said that India’s historical evolution has been highlighted as an example India is an example of how to eradicate poverty The state has published these figures based on the data available on the basis of the 2020 census Although India still has the poorest population in the world That number is more than 22 crores Next is Nigeria, with over 90 million

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