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Actress Sahar Shinwari – Daily Qudrat ABBO News

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If the Zimbabwean team beats India, I will marry a Zimbabwean boy: Actress Sehar Shinwari – Daily Qudrat

لاہور (قدرت روزنامہ) اتوار بروز 6 نومبر کو سبھی کی نظریں ہندوستان، زمبابوے اور پاکستانی اداکارہ سحر شنواری پر ہوں گی، دونوں ٹیمیں اپنے آئندہ T20 ورلڈ کپ کے میچ میں مدمقابل ہوں گی . پاکستانی ٹی وی اداکار نے حال ہی میں ٹویٹ کیا تھا کہ اگر زمبابوے نے "معجزانہ طور پر" بھارت کو شکست دی تو وہ ان کے ملک کے ایک شخص سے شادی کریں گی .

The tweet went viral, followed by a flood of hilarious reactions and trolls on the internet. “I will marry a Zimbabwean boy if his team miraculously beats India in the next match,” Sahar Shinwari said in her Twitter message.
Thousands of people have read this tweet so far. His tweet came after Zimbabwe defeated Pakistan by one run on Thursday, October 27.
During India’s match with Bangladesh, Sahar was constantly wishing India to lose the game but India won by a very close margin. During the said match, but also in several tweets, she is seen showing desire against India in cricket, as a result of which trolls target her on the microblogging site. One user wrote ‘Then I feel sorry for you, how are you going to spend your whole life alone? Another user even pointed out how Sahar had to delete his Twitter account if India beat Bangladesh.
While India play Zimbabwe this weekend on Sunday, Pakistan will face off against Bangladesh. Only time will tell whether Sehar will live up to her tweets or not.

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