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Bangladesh board also accused Virat Kohli of fake fielding – Daily Qudrat ABBO News

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Bangladesh board also accused Virat Kohli of fake fielding – Daily Qudrat

سڈنی (قدرت روزنامہ) بنگلادیش کرکٹ بورڈ (بی سی بی)کرکٹ آپریشنز کے چیئرمین جلال یونس کی جانب سے بھی بھارتی بیٹر ویرات کوہلی پر فیک فیلڈنگ کا الزام لگادیا گیا . بھارت اور بنگلادیش کے درمیان بدھ کو کھیلے گئے میچ کے حوالے سے جلال یونس نے کہا کہ

فیک فیلڈنگ کامعاملے پرامپائرز کی توجہ دلائی گئی تھی تاہم انہوں نے کہا کہ ہم نے ایسا نہیں دیکھا .

That’s why the review was not taken on this matter, captain Shakib Al Hasan had also spoken to the umpire Maurice Erasmus during and after the match. BCB Cricket Operations Chairman Kamzaid said that Shakib-ul-Hasan repeatedly told the umpires that if they take a little more time, the ground may dry and when the ground is dry, start the match. Jalal Younis said that the decision of the umpire is final and final, after which there is no room for anything else, you have to decide whether you want to play or not. Earlier, after the end of the match, Bangladesh wicketkeeper batsman Noorul Hasan had talked to the media and said that the umpires did not see Virat Kohli’s fake fielding during the match. Talking about the fake fielding, Noorul Hasan said that we could have got 5 penalty runs for the fake throw and the result of the match would have been in our favor, unfortunately it did not happen. According to Law 41.5 of Cricket, deliberately distracting, obstructing or cheating the batsman is prohibited and if this law is violated, the umpire may declare the particular delivery as a dead ball and the batting team may be awarded five overs. Runs may be awarded as penalty. It should be noted that India defeated Bangladesh by 5 runs in the important match of Super 12 stage of International Cricket Council T20 World Cup.

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