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Big shock for YCP..! Former Minister of Internal Affairs resigns..! Because..? – News18 TeluguABBO News

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Latest News: The ruling YCP in Andhra Pradesh has received an unexpected shock. Former Interior Minister Mekatoti Sukcharita made a sensational decision. She served as Home Minister in Jagan’s first cabinet. YCP leader Prime Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy did not allow her to continue with the cabinet reshuffle. However, after losing his ministerial position, Suharita became very impatient. Since then, there was not even a leader. He expressed his protest. After that, he was ready to resign as MLA but changed his mind when Jagan asked him to. Suharita was subsequently appointed as the party president of Guntur district. Suharita, who won as YCP MLA from Pratipadu constituency in Guntur district in the 2019 elections, has remained the district party president ever since. An exceptionally sensational decision was made. She herself announced that she was resigning from the post of party chairman. Suharita also said that she had already informed the party leadership about it. He said he had just resigned from the presidency. But the main reason behind this decision is that henceforth his own constituency should be confined to Pratipada. As the elections are approaching, this decision was taken to fully focus on the constituency. But she did not receive an answer from the boss.

But her followers say she hasn’t made that decision yet. She spent many days thinking about how to move forward.. There is a debate among her followers that she feels that her importance in the party has decreased since she lost her ministerial position. She seems to be under the impression that no one cares about her, even though she is the district president. Also Read: Extreme tension at Chandrababu’s roadshow TDP worries about stone pelting. But she seems angry with close friends that she was ready to give up her MLA post when she lost her ministerial post. Instead of remaining in the party without recognition like this, even though the veteran has decided to stay away from the party, she is currently continuing in the YCP with other political equations.

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