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Buldhana: Teaching the car is life-threatening! ; The tragic end of the wife-daughter after falling into a 70-feet deep well, the husband serious Wife and daughter died after the car fell into a well amy 95 ABBO News

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While teaching the car to his wife, the vehicle fell into a deep well next to the road and the wife and daughter died, while the husband escaped unhurt and his condition is also critical. Deulgaon Raja Najik This terrible incident took place today on Thursday afternoon. Amol Murkoot, a teacher from Ramnagar, was teaching his wife Swati Murkoot how to drive a car on a muddy road in the afternoon. This time his daughter Siddhi was also with him.

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Meanwhile, the car suddenly went out of control and fell into a 70-feet deep well beside the road. At this time, Amol Murkut somehow came out of the well. But the compassion of Swati and Siddhi came to an end. Efforts to take out their bodies continued till 3:30 in the afternoon. Citizens said that there is a problem as the well is very deep and there is a lot of silt in it.

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Another tragedy happened to the unfortunate and strange accident that befell the Deulgaon Raja. A youth lost his life while trying to retrieve Mileki’s body from the well. Also, there is an unfortunate report that another youth was seriously injured in the same attempt. The name of the dead youth is Pawan Pimple (24, Res. Deulgaon Raja).

According to information received, Pawan jumped into this 70 feet deep and silt-filled well. However, as he did not come out of the water, the citizens who were present at the scene became suspicious. Pawan, who went to remove Mileki’s body, did not come out. It is estimated that he got trapped in the mud and died. Meanwhile, Dnyaneshwar alias Sanjay, a youth from Deulgaon Mahi (now Deulgaon Raja) was seriously injured in the same attempt. The car that crashed into the well was said to be at the bottom of the well.

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Meanwhile, MLA Shingane visited Deulgaon Raja General Hospital as soon as he got the information about the accident. He consoled Amol Murkoot, who somehow survived the horrific accident but lost his wife Swati and daughter Siddhi. Information was obtained by discussing with the doctors treating them.

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