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Bushra Bibi is a housewife, Imran Khan is not a makeup-wearing MaryamABBO News

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Lahore (Quadrat Daily) Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has given a statement about his wife Bushra Bibi. In a conversation with reporters in Lahore, Imran Khan said that Bushra Bibi is a housewife, what message are we giving to our young generation through audio leaks are He said that Bushra Bibi used to go out of the house only in insane asylums and langar khan, Bushra Bibi it is not Maryam Nawaz.

Millions of rupees have been spent on Maryam Nawaz’s surgery. Earlier, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that the establishment has asked our 3 members of the Punjab Assembly to remain neutral on the occasion of the trust vote. I am still working in General R. Bajwa’s organization, Hussain Haqqani was hired by General Bajwa in America for lobbying, Donald Lowe was taught a lesson by Pakistan, Hussain Haqqani continued to campaign against me and promote General Bajwa, the Trump government in America. gave a historic reception, General Bajwa said in the last meeting that you are a playboy, I replied yes I am a playboy, backstabbing and sympathizer. Talking to reporters at his residence, Imran Khan said that MQM is joining Karachi and father is joining People’s Party, the name of the institution in Pakistan is a man, Qamar Javed Bajwa did not want to be responsible. Relations deteriorated. He said what are we going to do by going to assemblies, there is no use. He said that Bushra Bibi is a housewife, what message are we giving to our young generation through audio leaks, said that there should be transparent and stable elections in the country.

With the formation of the government, transparent elections will bring stability to the country. He said that the institution can play an important role in getting out of all crises, including the economy. Bilawal Bhutto knows nothing about Afghanistan. He had excellent relations with the current Afghan government.

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Here dollars were made in the war on terror but 80 thousand lives were lost, said Najam Sethi doesn’t know the alphabet of cricket, Pakistan team reached the final during Rameez Raja’s rule, Rameez Raja saved money and kept it lying. Yes, the PCB constitution was amended to bring in Najam Sethi.

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