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Chaos at Navratri celebrations.. Fierce clash between two communities.. Where..ABBO News

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An unexpected incident took place during Navratri celebrations in Madhya Pradesh. According to police, the incident took place in Kankar village of Agar district, 200 km from Bhopal. On the occasion of Navratri festival in Madhya Pradesh on Sunday, a video of a stick fight between two groups went viral on social media. Members of Dalit communities in the village say they were attacked by upper castes for putting up an idol of Durga. However.. some others make a different argument. The other side says the fight started after an argument over an obscene dance performed by two girls to perform the hump. “The song and dance program led to a fight. This led to a small fight. The police immediately arrived at the scene. Both groups were dispersed. Senior police officer Naval Singh Sisodia said complaints were received from both communities.

Police said they all formed groups at the scene and attacked each other with sticks and stones. Police are checking CCTV cameras at the scene. So far, the police have detained three people in connection with the incident. The police said that strict action will be taken against the culprits. Meanwhile, a shocking incident took place in the state of Karnataka. This incident which took place at Bommana Katta in Shivmogga Bhadravathi district has now become a viral video on social media. A snake was spotted in Bomman’s house. The information was passed on to the snake society. But… the man caught the snake, which all the people looked at in horror. Meanwhile, having caught the snake, he kissed it. Meanwhile, a shocking incident occurred. The snake suddenly bit his face from his hand. So he left the snake in fear. Others were scared away there. Then another man caught the snake. A person who was bitten by a snake was immediately taken to the hospital. Now this shocking video has gone viral on social media.

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