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Dombivli: Thakurli builder arrested for bullying by sitting in police officer’s chair | Surendra Patil a builder in Thakurli was arrested amy 95 ABBO News

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A developer of Thakurli Chole village was called by the police six days ago to return the money seized from the crime to the Manpada police station in Dombivli East. When this developer came to the police station, he found no one in the hall of an officer of the police station and asked his friend to take a photograph of himself sitting in the officer’s chair. They have tried to discredit the police by broadcasting the photographs of the dabanggiri on Instagram and social media. After leaving the police station, this developer took his expensive vehicle with his supporters and performed a dance song with a nearby licensed weapon in his hand. The seniors of Manpada Police Station took serious notice of the developer’s domineering photograph as soon as it was broadcasted on social media. The developer has been arrested.

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The arrested accused developer has been identified as Surendra Pandurang Patil (51, Res. Anusaya Niwas, Kho. No. 5, Above Bank Maharashtra, Cholegaon, Thakurli East). A case has been registered against Vikasak Patil on the complaint of Constable Vinod Dhakne of Manpada Police Station. On October 25 at 11:30 in the morning, Vikasak Surendra Patil committed this misdeed in the room of Assistant Police Inspector Shri Krishna Gore. In an investigation conducted by Police Inspector Shri Krishna Gore, he was called to return the money seized in the crime. After Vikasak Patil came to Manpada police station, he found that the assistant police inspector was not white in the hall. Developer Surendra Patil couldn’t resist the temptation to sit in that chair after seeing a comfortable chair with the name of Maharashtra Police behind Gore’s chair in the hallway. Handsome Surendra thought that we will sit in the police officer’s chair and try to be domineering like the police officer in the movie.

He sat in Gore’s honorable chair and had his colleague portray him. Care was taken to ensure that the Maharashtra Police emblem appears in this illustration. Accused Surendra did not realize that he was doing illegal activities in the police station. After portraying this, Surendra took his licensed pistol in hand and sat on his friend’s shoulder and then danced. His photograph was also broadcast.

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As part of the fun, he depicted himself sitting in a police officer’s chair and shared the image of the police station, dancing with a pistol on Instagram, social media to let his friends know how he looks like a hero sitting in that chair.
This was taken seriously at the senior police level. Manpada Police Station Senior Police Inspector Shakher Bagde ordered the arrest of Vikasak Patil. He tried to tarnish the image of the police by showing that he was in government service by sitting in the police officer’s chair, knowing that Maharashtra Police was written on the back seat. A case has been registered against Surendra Patil under the Arms Prohibition Act, desecration of image, for violating the license to use weapons in public places. Assistant Police Inspector Sunil Taramale is investigating the case. There is an attitude among some developers that we can buy anything with the power of money. An example of this is the type of developer in Manpada police station, such reactions are being given by experts at various levels.

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