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Navi Mumbai: Thieves took Rs.54 lakh cash along with RC book ABBO News

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During the theft, not only cash or cheese but also items of no use are being stolen in Navi Mumbai for the past few days. Thieves do not get any benefit from such items but the one who got stolen has to face heartache.

In recent theft cases in Navi Mumbai, thieves have not only stolen cash, jewelry, but also stolen items that are of no use to them. Vinod Bhatia has a transport business and his office is in APMC. As usual, he closed the office on the 2nd and went home. The next day, the employees informed him about the theft in the office. When they first went to the office, it was noticed that the cash of Rs. Interestingly, it was noticed that the thieves also stole the RC book of one of their trucks and the key kept in the cupboard which they broke the lock of. A case has been registered in this regard at APMC police station. Preliminary investigation revealed that the thieves entered the office by breaking the glass of the toilet window.

In this theft, the thieves took 3 lakh 85 thousand in cash, RC book of the truck, the key inside the same car which they broke the lock. Apart from the cash, the items are of no benefit to the thieves, but the person who is stolen will have to get a new rcbook and make a new lock key. Previously, in the theft in Vashi, the thieves stole the locks of the lockers in the bank, while in two houses in CBD, apart from cash and jewelry, they stole liquor, empty bottles of the same liquor were also stolen.

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