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oreva name covered with plastic sheet before pm modi morbi bridge visit ABBO News

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When Prime Minister Modi visited the bridge accident site in Morbi, was there anything hidden there? After all, what was covered with a plastic cover where the Prime Minister was standing? From opposition parties to social media users wrote that the name of the company which is being held responsible for the bridge accident was covered with that plastic cover. So was the board with that company’s name really covered up before the Prime Minister’s visit? Or is that board not covered up as is being claimed by some BJP-affiliated or party-backed people?

To get the answer of this question, first of all that video can be seen in which Prime Minister Modi’s tour of the accident site is shown live. The video is available only on the official Twitter handle of BJP.

In this video, Prime Minister Modi is standing on a platform at the bridge accident site. Two small boards are visible on the top of that platform, which read ‘CCTV Surveillance’ and ‘No Selfie Zone’. A plastic cover is visible over it. There has been a debate on social media regarding this cover.

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Senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai tweeted a collage of two pictures from the same place. One picture shows some part of the board covered by a plastic cover, while the other shows the board as a whole. The name of the Orewa company is written on that board.

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Rajdeep tweeted and wrote, ‘Orewa banner is being covered secretly at the accident site in Morbi ahead of the Prime Minister’s visit. Hope the truth doesn’t hide…’

But his tweet got a lot of reactions. A user Rishi Bagdi, who is considered a BJP sympathizer, tweeted a picture in response, writing, “This is the official picture tweeted where no such cover up has been seen.” This picture shows the board name of the Orewa Company.

Although Bagri has claimed that this is an official tweet, he did not specify where the official image was released. However, till the filing of the report, the PMO has not tweeted such a picture. One of the few simultaneous tweets by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taken from the same angle as Rishi Bagdi tweeted. But the picture tweeted by the Prime Minister does not show the board of the Oreva company.

Exactly the same picture has been tweeted by BJP Yuva Morcha worker Neha Joshi and targeted Rajdeep Sardesai.

After being repeatedly targeted by BJP supporters, Rajdeep Sardesai has also tweeted the video in which the board with the name of Oreva Company is being covered up. In that video, some people can be clearly seen covering that board. Along with this, Sardesai has taken the name of BJP IT cell and said that ‘stop abusing’ and ‘we will not be afraid of it’.

However, the Aam Aadmi Party has targeted the BJP for covering that board of the company with plastic. AAP has tweeted that ‘BJP’s effort to save Orewa is still going on. The name of the company has been covered so that the company is not maligned. There is no mention of the company and its owners in the FIR also. Has the BJP got huge donations from them?’

Please tell that the British era bridge in Morbi was closed for renovation since March. It was opened only on 26 October. But it broke down on Sunday evening, just four days after reopening to the public. More than 130 people died in this accident. Officials said at least 47 children, several women and the elderly were among the dead. Documents show that the bridge was opened to the public five months ahead of time. Orewa Group, the company that renovated the bridge, did not obtain a fitness certificate from the civic authorities before opening the bridge. According to several media reports this has been confirmed by the head of Morbi Municipal Agency, Sandeepsinh Jhala.

The company was bound by its contract to keep the bridge closed for at least eight to 12 months for maintenance and repair. Police said in an FIR that the opening of the bridge last week was a gravely irresponsible and reckless gesture.

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