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Shahbaz Gul’s name added to ECL – Daily Qudrat ABBO News

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Abbo News

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Shahbaz Gul’s name added to ECL – Daily Qudrat

اسلام آباد (قدرت روزنامہ) تحریک انصاف کے رہنما شہباز گل کا نام ای سی ایل میں شامل کر لیا گیا . میڈیا رپورٹس میں ذرائع کا حوالہ دیتے ہوئے رپورٹ کیا گیا کہ شہباز گل کا نام ایگزٹ کنٹرول لسٹ میں ڈال دیا گیا ہے،شہباز گل کا نام وفاقی کابینہ کی منظوری کے بعد ای سی ایل میں ڈالا گیا .

The Islamabad administration recommended adding Shehbaz Gul’s name to the exit control list.
Now Shahbazgul can neither go abroad by land nor by airport. It should be noted that some time ago Shahbaz Gul was arrested for giving a controversial statement after which he got his bail while the case of inciting rebellion against Shahbaz Gul is under hearing. It should be noted that the District and Sessions Court of Islamabad ordered Shehbaz Gul to return his ID card, glasses and ATM card.
The application filed by Shahbaz Gul was approved. A hearing was held on Shahbaz Gul’s guardianship application in the District and Sessions Court, Additional Sessions Judge Tahir Abbas heard the application. Ali Bukhari appeared before the court on behalf of Shahbaz Gul. The court ordered the return of Shehbaz Gul’s identity card, glasses, ATM card and daily items.
The court while ordering to return partial essential items from the list of 31 items to Shahbaz Gul declared that the Islamabad Police is authorized to keep the disputed items for investigation. The court adjourned further hearing of Shehbaz Gul Sapardari case. After hearing the case of sedition, Tehreek-e-Insaaf leader Shehbaz Gul said in a conversation that we have to create a rule of law to change this system, the country will be built with the rule of law. I came to Pakistan because of Imran Khan. I came to Pakistan to work for my country and village, but now I understand why people do corruption in politics, politicians are bound for corruption.

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