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Stamp duty cost will be strong rupee, NRI eager to invest in real estate ABBO News

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Manju Yagnik

Mumbai: Manju Yagnik (Manju Yagnik), Senior, Manju Yagnik, Maharashtra Unit, NAREDCO, Real Estate Industry (NAREDCO), said, Want to do. Therefore, the government needs to give incentives in the form of stamp duty. Help NRIs to strengthen the falling rupee (rupee) by attracting permanent investors. Relation to realty sector status, price trends and outlook Manju Yagnik of Nahar Group Detailed discussion of Commerce Editor Vishnu Bhardwaj from Manju Yagnik, who has been working in the industry for nearly 25 years, is one of the leading women developers in Maharashtra. Under his leadership, Nahar Group always focuses on quality construction and development of houses. The dream of 10,000 families has come true in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Jalore. Highlights of the discussion are: –

  • After Kovid, the Maharashtra government sold stamp duty, which led to a huge surge in housing and government revenue. Is it necessary for the government to reduce the stamp duty and give a boot to the realty sector?

At this time, the rigidity of the dish is necessary, because not only the reality will be strong, but the whole state and the whole country will be bigger. At this time, NRIs are eager to invest in India, especially in the Mumbai-Maharashtra real estate market. If the government stamps, it encourages other taxing RQs, which is why it is the largest investor in the real estate market. At the same time, not only the weakening rupee has been strengthened, but also the revenue of the government will increase. Even before the stamp duty was reduced, there was a huge increase in government revenue (tax revenue) and the economy of the country and the region was supported, which is about 8% important in this industry economy.

  • Mumbai has consistently become the most expensive city. Dreaming of a home here is not easy. What is the reason for this and what steps need to be taken to make it affordable?

See that Mumbai 2 is a big reason Costly City. One is that Financial Capital (Financial Capital) provides the most opportunities for Mumbai Metro production. The demand for you houses is also the highest. When Tier 2 and 3 cities are developed as smart cities, the price will be stable here. The second reason is that the land, construction cost and tax burden is very high. 50% of the total project cost is spent on buying expensive land. Firm construction is costly and in the last one year it will increase the cost of construction materials by 20 to 25%. There is also a lot of debt for debt. Therefore, in order to make it affordable, the government has to speed up the project clearance process to reduce the tax burden and reduce the Reserve Bank project loan.

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  • What are the next trends in property value?
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That is, there is no scope for price shares so growth margins (profit margins) are very low. Now from business corner to corner to finance (finance to finance) is also starting to grow. The tax burden is higher. The demand is constantly increasing. The economy is going to boom. In the first half of 2022, home sales in the country’s 8 largest cities, including Mumbai and Pune, will increase by 60% to reach a nine-year high. Make uptrend in asset price (property prices) because of increasing demand. So why invest in a real estate business?

  • What is the demand for mega home loan increase?

Home loan expenses are increasing by 5% (home loan rate) 6.5% to 7.%. Its lack is still at a lower level. Therefore, there will be no significant impact on housing demand. And now the earnings rate is expected to go down further than oil-oil-codity prices. When possible: Reserve Bank exchange rate and no increase.

  • Which new housing project is Nahar Group launching?

Our current premium housing projects are in Mumbai, Pune and Chennai. ‘Emeris Tower and Plaza’ with modern options has been started in Nahar Amrit Shakti Township, Chandravali, Mumbai. Balewadi project is constructed in Pune. It plans to launch a few more new projects this year.

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