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The topic of house demolition is currently relevant throughout the country. Opposition parties are expressing anger that houses of the ruling party were demolished by the party that gave the land to the Janasena Sabha. Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan visited Ipatam today and extended his support to those who lost their homes.

If so, Tenali’s former TDP MLA Shravan Kumar expressed anger over the demolition of houses. The RCP deputy government, unable to fix potholes on the state’s roads, has said that demolishing houses in the name of widening roads is evil. He said in a press conference held at the TDP national office on Saturday… Now who asked to widen the road by 120 feet? They said that. They accused the community of demolishing their houses along with the faction that had given the land to the Janasena Sabha.

“Fill potholes on the roads as much as you can. Does the Chief Minister not know the condition of the roads in the country? Isn’t it true that the YCP corporator died after falling into potholes?” He asked. MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy, who went to court to prevent the expansion of the Seed Axis road in the capital Amaravati, how about demolishing the houses of the poor in the name of road expansion in a remote village? Shravan Kumar denied this. What has been done in the district, except to show your face to the people? They got angry.

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