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The internal account of the second meeting of the Minister of Finance with the President within a few hours has come outABBO News

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Abbo News

Islamabad (Qudrat Daily) The inside story of the second meeting between the President and the Finance Minister within a few hours has come out. According to private TV, in the second meeting there were answers to the questions of President Arif Alvi. In the first meeting, the President asked some questions to the Minister of Finance. According to ARY, Imran Khan asked these questions

There was also a question about the cases against him, for which Is’haq Dari said that the cases are earlier, there is nothing from our side, and there are several days that elections cannot be held, the answer said that if elections are held immediate. , aid from international financial institutions and friendly countries will be stopped. On the other hand, the Secretary General of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Asad Umar has said that the president Dr. Arif Alvi is currently playing the role of mediator between the government and us. Speaking to Naji TV, Asad Umar said that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar is the president of the state, he said that he would talk to Nawaz Sharif and inform him, but he has not received no meaningful response. Asad Umar said that there was no talk of conditional talks. They demand general elections, what they say in front of the people, they also say to the government. Ishaq Dar is the finance minister, he knows the current situation, Ishaq Dar trusts Nawaz Sharif, he said they are simply discussing that the crises are increasing, elections are the only way to take Pakistan out of the crisis, the economic crisis is increasing because of what is the dangerous situation where you are coming from

Even if the audio clip is accepted as true, what has Imran Khan stolen, he has shown the regularity of the sale of the watch and he has also shown it in the tax return, even now the prime minister is at home, there should be no recording, there are past court decisions in about audio recordings.

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