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Traders cheat cotton farmers in Kurnool Nagar – News18 TeluguABBO News

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By Naveen Kumar, News18, Nagarkurnool
The matter of buying cotton in Nagar-Kurnool district has become a mess. Despite the fact that 15 IPP centers have been set up under the government, these conditions have prevailed as farmers mostly approach businessmen. Brokers who drive to villages buy cotton from farmers there and earn money. But in this process farmers lose out in many ways. Recently, a broker who went to the center of Telakopalli to buy cotton. The farmers got angry when they realized that they were cheated up to 4 kg for 30 kg of cotton. A case was registered at the Telakopalla police station after the fraud of the broker was sensed. Brokers are making noise in buying white gold. When the cotton crop was in the hands of the farmers, the brokers entered the villages with eagles. Farmers are being cheated on the weight. When farmers prepare to sell their crops, brokers contact farmers and buy cotton before the buying centers open. So far so good, but the farmers have sunk because of the low weight. There are allegations that officials of the Weights, Measures and Marketing Department are not taking any action against the brokers to prevent these violations. Farmers complain that if the authorities take measures after the cotton procurement starts, there will be no opportunity to cheat more people.

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News18 contacted District Marketing Officer Nagarkurnul Superintendent Sujatha and gathered details. So far only 269 quintals of cotton have been purchased in the Nagerkurnool yard market for Rs. Price support up to 8011 has been provided, the official said. 15,500 quintals of cotton were purchased from private individuals, but farmers are advised not to be deceived by brokers. They assured that measures will be taken to ensure that farmers are not cheated when they come to the market and that there is no manipulation of scales.

He warned that there will be strict measures against those who go to the village and buy cotton from the peasants. He explained that this year the cotton crop was badly damaged and the yield was very low. 15 IPP centers were established in the district. The cost of support is Rs. 6,380 rupees depending on the quality of the cotton. Traders pay up to 8 thousand. Officials estimate that 3.55 lakh quintals of cotton will be produced this year, while Nagarkurnool district has 3.30 lakh acres of cotton under cultivation. Appropriate measures have been taken for this.

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