Srivaru nasdaq Svmh Stock Gains Momentum with New Ai Tool for Prana 20 Electric Bike Marketing

SRIVARU (NASDAQ: SVMH) Stock Gains Momentum with New AI Tool for PRANA 2.0 Electric Bike Marketing

SRIVARU (NASDAQ: SVMH) stock surged in pre-market trading Tuesday after the company deployed advanced AI tools to scale PRANA 2.0 customer acquisition.

SRIVARU has announced the successful deployment of advanced AI tools to manage its lead generation platform, marking a significant step in optimizing customer interactions following the launch of its flagship product, the PRANA 2.0 electric motorcycle on June 16th.

Since launch, the PRANA 2.0 has garnered substantial interest, receiving over 2,000 inquiries daily from enthusiastic customers eager to learn more, schedule test drives, and proceed with bookings. To effectively handle this surge in demand, SRIVARU has integrated advanced AI tools into its lead generation platform.

These AI tools now play a crucial role in managing customer inquiries, ensuring potential buyers receive timely and accurate information. The AI-driven approach enables swift analysis of customer queries and facilitates seamless transitions to live conversations when necessary. By automating lead management, SRIVARU aims to streamline customer engagement processes and reduce customer acquisition costs.

CEO Statement

Mohanraj Ramasamy, CEO of SRIVARU, emphasized the strategic importance of AI in transforming their lead management strategy: 

“Thanks to the implementation of advanced AI tools on our lead generation platform, we have revolutionized SRIVARU’s lead management process. The AI’s ability to swiftly analyze and respond to customer inquiries has optimized the use of resources to date, which we expect will make it an ideal fit for our growth strategy. The deployment of AI has allowed SRIVARU to maintain momentum and handle customer demand efficiently. This is an exciting time for our business, and so far, we are seeing remarkable results thanks to AI. We believe that our AI integration not only optimizes lead management but also positions SRIVARU to use resources effectively for growth as we continue to innovate in the electric motorcycle industry.”

SRIVARU (NASDAQ: SVMH) Stock Price Action

As of 04:23 a.m. (Eastern Time) Tuesday, SVMH stock traded at $0.2223, marking a 17% increase compared to the previous trading session.