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Vaartha Online Edition Highlights – Morbi incident.. President Biden condoles the bereavedABBO News

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Washington: 141 people are known to have died in the Morbi incident in Gujarat. US President Joe Biden expressed his condolences to those who died in this incident. Condolences to the families of the victims. Our hearts are with India today, and Jill Biden and I send our deepest condolences to the families who lost loved ones in the bridge collapse,” Biden tweeted. He said that he will support the people of India in difficult times.

Meanwhile, it is known that less than two days ago, a rope bridge across the Machu river in Gujarat’s Morbi district collapsed. As of Monday, the death toll in this accident has reached 141 people. Officials indicated that the dead were mostly women and children. The NDRF, SDRF, Air Force, Indian Army and Navy are said to be continuing to provide rescue assistance to those swept away by the river. The bridge, which has more than a hundred years of history, was recently renovated.

The fatal accident occurred a few days after restarting without a certificate of fitness. This bridge was built in 1879. Its width is 1.25 meters, and its length is 233 meters. It was built by the then ruler Sir Wagji Thakur to connect Darbargad Palace and Nazarbah Palace. This year, in March, the bridge was closed for repairs. Orewa was entrusted to manage the company for 15 years. It was reopened on the 26th of this month on the occasion of Gujarati New Year. Meanwhile, 141 people died as a result of this tragedy.

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