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We are bound by IMF conditions, Shahbaz SharifABBO News

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Lahore Chief Minister (Qudrat Daily) Shehbaz Sharif has said that we are bound by the terms of the IMF, the 9th Rio U is not over yet. Put the burden, talked very reluctantly with the leadership of the United Arab Emirates to overthrow. 2 billion dollar debt and another billion dollar debt but they didn’t reject it.

Pakistan has an atomic bomb in one hand and a fist in the other is a source of shame. The United Arab Emirates is ready to invest billions of dollars. Even Saudi Arabia has requested an investment of 10 billion dollars. If we were standing on the right path, if all the institutions of Pakistan had gone in the right direction for 75 years, then today we would have got rid of the debt and we would have fulfilled the vision of Quaid-e-Azam to have a separate homeland. He expressed these views while addressing the death parade ceremony of the probationary officers of Pakistan Administrative Services, where Governor Punjab Balighur Rehman and others were also present on the occasion. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that the shining stars from all over Pakistan, who hold the key to the development and prosperity of Pakistan, have been awarded certificates of honor here for the education and prosperity of Pakistan. social services. Gone. All the people look at him with admiration, the way he has rendered services in every field is admirable. The efforts made to serve the flood victims in South Punjab and other areas of Pakistan will be remembered and rewarded. He said that your parents also deserve to be congratulated for having educated and educated you with work. The Director General of the Academy, who previously worked with me, saw him as a gifted officer who could move through bureaucracy at lightning speed when assigned. Apart from that, the other management of the academy also deserves congratulations, many of whom I know personally are great children of Pakistan and have earned a name through hard work and dedication. He said that our bureaucracy has solved the challenges facing the country including poverty, unemployment, lack of education, lack of dedication in work and other challenges.

I know officers who have worked diligently for Pakistan, but some of them have been hounded by baseless accusations for reasons far from reality. Because of this attitude, officers often feel in the discharge of their assigned duty that the same treatment as the elderly should not be accorded to us is a major obstacle facing our civil service and they are reluctant to fully utilize the energies of theirs. and determination

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And now it is the responsibility of all institutions, including the parliament, the political leadership, the judiciary, to find out how to get public servants out of this fear. The Chief Minister said that Sahabatpur Balochistan was severely affected by the floods and water is still standing there. Given the task of establishing a good school there, the local administration built it on target in two months. This is a proof of performance if they are provided with a conducive environment

So they can perform these services. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that he spent ten years in Punjab during which history will judge my services but during this time we gave honor and respect to civil servants whose courage increased and they went to different areas of Punjab day and night. Do the work. Addressing those who fainted, he told them that you are the future of our nation, you held the hands of the flood victims. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif told the participants that I have just come from the United Arab Emirates.

President Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Al Nihan behaved very compassionately, I briefed him on Pakistan’s economic challenges and asked him to pay off Pakistan’s $2 billion debt. I thought that I will not ask for more loans, but as luck would have it, the difficulties that Pakistan is going through at that time, I decided at the last moment and took the courage to ask for more loans.

I told the president of the United Arab Emirates that I am ashamed but I am forced because of the economic issues of Pakistan, they also gave us a billion dollars which he said how can I refuse you, for a face to face meeting. He went and told them that you will also say that whenever he comes or someone else will come to ask for money.

We have an atomic bomb in one hand and a fist in our hand is a source of shame, fire and water cannot mix. The United Arab Emirates is ready to invest billions of dollars. He said that we are bound by the conditions of the IMF. The 9th Rio U is not over yet.

Their condition is to increase electricity prices, increase so-and-so, the more burden we have to put on the poor. He said I am not talking about a single moment, I am not talking about the current government, I am looking at the overall situation and 75 years, I just spent time. In 75 years of history

We as a nation wasted our resources, we wasted our time, we protested loudly and this is the history of Pakistan, our elders took Pakistan by sacrificing their blood, but on 16th December Pakistan became a state, today where is Bangladesh and where are the Main is to do practical work in the practical field, which is hard work, faith and honesty. The nation is waiting for you and I say this sincerely.

You are the future of Pakistan, keep going, make Pakistan great, people will remember you forever. You have to serve the nation, you are the rising stars of this country, as a result of your service, Pakistan will definitely move ahead. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that for 75 years, the bus of Pakistan would be running at lightning speed on a straight road and all our institutions would have taken this bus in the right direction.

So today we would have got rid of the debt and fulfilled the vision of Quaid-e-Azam to have a separate homeland. The Muslims who gathered from all over the subcontinent under the shadow of Minar Pakistan had the idea of ​​a country that is ideal in the world, but where are we today? Our army chief visited Saudi Arabia and received great respect.

Saudi Arabia decided to invest 10 billion dollars, while the deposit of 3 billion dollars will become 5 billion dollars, this is a loan, we have to pay it. The Prime Minister said that if we take care and decide that we should make Pakistan of Quaid and Iqbal, then nothing has gone wrong and there is still time, then there will be no difficulties and difficulties and Pakistan will go towards its destination. Will be.

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