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For the past few days, there has been a political rivalry between Shinde group leader Gulabrao Patil and Thackeray group leader Sushma Andhare. Meanwhile, Gulabrao Patil is being criticized from all levels after Gulabrao Patil referred to him as ‘Nutty’ in response to Sushma Andharen’s allegations yesterday. Congress MLA and former minister Yashomati Thakur has also expressed displeasure with Gulabrao Patil’s statement. He gave his reaction to TV 9 news channel.

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What did Gulabrao Patil say?

Sushma Andhare’s meeting was organized in Jalgaon. However, the police denied permission to their meeting. Due to this, Sushma Andharan criticized Gulabrao Patal by holding an online meeting. “Gulabrao Patil did not get permission for his meeting only because of pressure”, he alleged. After this accusation, Gulabrao Patal while replying referred to Sushma Andharen as ‘nutty’. “Sushma Andharna is known to the whole of Maharashtra. Her picture did not go anywhere, so she joined Shiv Sena. Gulabrao Patil had stated that the Thackeray group also needed Nati.

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What did Yashomati Thakur say?

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While reacting to Gulabrao Patal’s statement, Yashomati Thakur expressed displeasure. “Sushma Andhare always speaks with a broad perspective. Everyone knows how many nits anyone else has. So it is better not to talk about this topic. However, we should respect a woman”, said MLA Yashomati Thakur. Also, “I know Gulabrao Patal very well. They always speak with conscience. However, the reason why he made this statement is beyond comprehension”, she said.

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