Airspan Networks nyse Mimo Stock Rockets 186 Amid Excitement over Utilities Market Entry

Airspan Networks (NYSE: MIMO) Stock Rockets 186% Amid Excitement over Utilities Market Entry

Airspan Networks Holdings (NYSE: MIMO) stock skyrocketed 186% on Wednesday following its strategic entry into the Utilities market.

Airspan Networks (MIMO) has teamed up with GCT Semiconductor, a top player in LTE, IoT, and 5G semiconductor solutions, to develop a cutting-edge RF module for various devices. In addition, Airspan is unveiling a new series of vRAN radios covering the sub-1GHz spectrum. Alongside these hardware upgrades, Airspan will introduce a scalable virtual core network. All these advanced components will be seamlessly managed by a unified software platform, allowing easy integration with existing legacy management systems of customers.

This innovative solution is modular, offering flexibility for utility companies. It can be acquired as a complete package or as individual components to integrate with existing infrastructure. This comprehensive offering enables utility companies to streamline operations and embrace the latest wireless technology while leveraging their current infrastructure.

Moreover, Airspan has partnered with the 450MHz Alliance to support and promote the 450MHz spectrum use in the utilities sector. By harnessing this spectrum, Airspan aims to enhance communication network efficiency and reliability, helping utility companies optimize operations and deliver improved services to end-users.

Airspan Networks (NYSE: MIMO) plans to launch its first widely available product in the third quarter of 2024.