Auddia auud Shares Soar on the Back of Faidr 30 Mobile App Launch

Auddia (AUUD) Shares Soar on the Back of Faidr 3.0 Mobile App Launch

Shares of Auddia Inc. (NASDAQ: AUUD) skyrockets by 78% in the pre-market trading session today. This impressive rise comes following the company’s announcement of the launch of its highly anticipated faidr 3.0 mobile app.

Auddia Inc. has just unveiled faidr 3.0, the latest version of its Superapp, featuring a fresh new look, enhanced user experience, and a wide range of exclusive content offerings. The new faidr 3.0 app allows users to enjoy ad-free AM/FM, podcasts, and an extensive collection of exclusive content. These offerings include Music Casts (unique podcast and playlist hybrids available only on faidr), Music Stations (continuous music programs), and Discovr (handpicked up-and-coming artists curated by faidr), all presented through a user-friendly interface.

Auddia’s CEO, Michael Lawless, expressed enthusiasm about faidr 3.0, describing it as an “attractive and intuitive platform packed with unique content and features”. Lawless believes this “planned update” will provide users with the ultimate premium streaming experience.

Earlier this year, Auddia Inc. introduced a proprietary streaming platform, which now powers faidr’s Music Cast feature. This innovative offering allows listeners to enjoy full music tracks within talk episodes, similar to a podcast. Collaborating with experienced radio and podcast talent, faidr is set to release approximately 20 new hours of Music Cast programming per month, with plans for further expansion throughout the year.

The company is currently working on developing back-end automation to enable hosts to easily execute and broadcast Music Casts within faidr. Once completed, users will gain access to this content-management system, empowering them to create their own Music Casts on faidr. Auddia aims to introduce this functionality, called User Casts, to faidr by early 2024.

Theo Romeo, Auddia’s Chief Marketing Officer, shared his vision for the future of audio, stating, “We think the next evolution of radio, outside of personalization from a listening standpoint, is democratizing the airwaves for users that want their voices heard. Our charter has always been to reinvent audio in a way that meets consumers where they are today and where they are going while remaining a friend and ally to broadcasters, artists, and content creators. We think faidr 3.0 is an exciting new step toward that future.”

Auddia has announced that the faidr 3.0 app will be available for Android users in early Q3. The company recently launched podcasting on its Android product in May and will be introducing faidrRadio, its exclusive content programming, to Android in mid-June. With these additions, both Android and iOS users will have access to the first phase of Auddia’s Superapp strategy.