C3ai Inc nyse Ai Stock Soars As C3 Generative Ai Hits Aws Marketplace, Inc. (NYSE: AI) Stock Soars as C3 Generative AI Hits AWS Marketplace

In an exciting development, shares of, Inc. (NYSE: AI) experienced a remarkable surge of 33.42%, reaching $43.95 on Tuesday. This surge is directly linked to the company’s recent launch of C3 Generative AI on the AWS Marketplace.

The introduction of C3 Generative AI on the AWS Marketplace streamlines the procurement and onboarding process, allowing customers to swiftly access the combined expertise of C3 AI and AWS in Generative AI with just a few clicks.

What sets C3 Generative AI apart from other GPT/LLM solutions in the market is its unique features. Leveraging the underlying capabilities of the C3 AI Platform, it allows enterprises to access a wide range of data types, including ERP, CRM, SCADA, text, PDFs, Excel, PowerPoint, sensor data, and open-source information. In addition, it provides traceable, deterministic, and consistent answers while enforcing corporate information access controls and security protocols. Importantly, it eliminates the risk of data or intellectual property exfiltration caused by LLM and ensures a hallucination-free experience.

The collaboration between C3 AI and AWS aims to assist customers in harnessing the power of AI to optimize their processes, ultimately leading to savings in time, money, and resources. Notably, they already have a significant number of joint customers, including Engie, Georgia-Pacific, Koch Industries, Baker Hughes, LyondellBasell, the U.S. Air Force, and the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.

Customers can conveniently explore and purchase all C3 AI products directly on the AWS Marketplace, further enhancing accessibility and ease of adoption.