Microsoft Corporation nasdaq Msft Stock Surges Despite Decrease in Vista Capital Partners Incs Holdings

Microsoft Corporation, (NASDAQ: MSFT) Stock Surges Despite Decrease in Vista Capital Partners Inc.’s Holdings

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) saw a positive increase in its shares on May 26th, with a rise of 2.14%. This comes as a surprise, considering Vista Capital Partners Inc., a respected financial institution, reported a decrease in its holdings of Microsoft’s shares.

The drop in Vista Capital’s ownership of Microsoft was revealed through a disclosure made public by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). During the fourth quarter, Vista Capital experienced a significant 2.9% reduction in its stakes in the multinational software corporation, marking its largest decrease in MSFT ownership in recent times.

According to the SEC filing, Vista Capital previously owned 25,592 shares valued at $6,137,000. However, they sold 754 shares, resulting in their current holdings of 24,838 shares. This change now positions Microsoft as the seventh largest stakeholder for Vista Capital based on stock value.

On the other hand, Swiss asset management company Pictet & Cie Europe SA reported a notable increase in its position in Microsoft Corporation during the fourth quarter of last year, with an 8.6% rise. Currently, Pictet & Cie Europe owns over 621,993 shares of the software giant’s stock, constituting 7.3% of its portfolio. These shares are valued at $149,166,000 as of the most recent reporting period.

On Friday, MSFT stock surges 2.14% to $332.89, with a trading volume of 36,205,857 (36.20M). The market capitalization of MSFT stands at $2423.37B.