Verizon Communications vz Stock Soars Following Major Network Upgrades in Columbus

Verizon Communications (VZ) Stock Soars Following Major Network Upgrades in Columbus

Shares of Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) jumps 2.09% on Wednesday. This increase comes on the heels of a multinational telecommunications conglomerate’s major network upgrades in Columbus, OH, benefiting its customers.

The network upgrades in Columbus were extensive, involving the deployment of new cell sites to enhance coverage and capacity in local communities. In addition, the upgrades included increasing the capacity of fiber optic cables to facilitate the movement of more data through the network. Moreover, bandwidth was added to the cellular network, enabling the provision of new services such as wireless internet for homes and businesses.

These upgrades form part of Verizon’s extensive, multi-year network architecture redesign. The aim is to keep pace with the exponential growth in data usage. The company seeks to upgrade its network technology and enable personalized customer experiences.

Columbus, OH Residents Benefit from Verizon’s Outstanding Network Service

RootMetrics®, the nation’s most rigorous scientific testing company, recently conducted tests in Columbus, OH. They concluded that Verizon’s network upgrades have significantly improved customer experience. Verizon emerged as the top performer in overall network performance. It surpassed other major wireless carriers in reliability, speed, and data, call, and text performance.  The results also revealed impressive speeds for Verizon customers in Columbus. Median download speeds increased by 50%, and median upload speeds increased by 69% compared to last year.

On May 31st, VZ stock opened slightly lower than the previous day’s close, trading between $34.86 and $35.98 throughout the day. The trading volume reached 53,744,292 (53.74 million), surpassing the average volume of 19.13 million over the past three months. Currently, VZ’s market capitalization stands at $149.02 billion.