Wearable Devices Ltd nasdaq Wlds Shares Skyrockets on Unveiling Revolutionary Mudra Band for Apple Watch

Wearable Devices Ltd. (NASDAQ: WLDS) Shares Skyrockets on Unveiling Revolutionary Mudra Band for Apple Watch

On Thursday, the shares of Wearable Devices Ltd. (WLDS), a pioneering technology growth company specializing in AI-powered touchless sensing wearables, witnessed an incredible increase of 235.94%. The reason behind this unprecedented rise is the company’s exciting announcement that its flagship consumer product, the Mudra Band for Apple Watch, is now available for preorders.

Since the announcement, the response from consumers has been nothing short of extraordinary, with thousands of preorders pouring in for the Mudra Band. This overwhelming demand has set the stage for Wearable Devices Ltd. by entering its first large-scale production phase.

The Mudra Band, which was originally developed to enable the touchless operation of the Apple Watch through neural signals, has evolved and now encompasses an array of exciting features. One of the latest additions, called Air-Touch, empowers users to control various devices within Apple’s extensive ecosystem easily using subtle finger movements and hand gestures, effectively eliminating the need for physical touch. This advanced functionality makes it easy to switch between connected devices like iPhones, iPads, Mac computers, Apple TVs, smart glasses, and many types of mobile gaming devices.

The Mudra Band works with different Apple Watch models and is currently going through extensive testing and approval by a large global community of Apple fans. They consider it the ultimate accessory for the Apple Watch, allowing them to control various products throughout the entire Apple ecosystem.