Wetrade Group wetg Shares Skyrocket Following Launch of Ai Language Model

WeTrade Group (WETG) Shares Skyrocket Following Launch of AI Language Model

Shares of WeTrade Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: WETG) skyrockets by 70.73% on Wednesday after the company launched a large-scale language model powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This move highlights WeTrade Group’s commitment to bolstering its technical capabilities in the field of AI and expanding the application of large-scale models for various industries.

The newly launched intelligent language generation and processing feature showcases a wide range of functions. It can effortlessly handle article tag excerpts, produce abstracts for news content, correct text errors, extract relevant information from texts, and filter short text similarities, among other capabilities.

As of now, the language model is in its trial stage. Those interested in testing it out can follow WeTrade Group AI’s official account on Tencent’s WeChat. By clicking on the Smart AI button, users can access the testing platform and participate in interactive dialogues.

During the trial period, each user will have the opportunity to experience the language model three times for free. WeTrade Group’s AI intelligent system function is continuously being updated, and the company encourages more users to stay informed and make use of this innovative tool.