Airship Ai nasdaq Aisp Stock Spikes 40 What's the Buzz

Airship AI (NASDAQ: AISP) Stock Spikes 40% – What’s the Buzz?

Airship AI Holdings (NASDAQ: AISP) stock soared 40% on Wednesday on continued upward momentum after the company secured a contract with the Department of Justice.

Airship AI (AISP) made headlines on Tuesday as it secured a significant contract with an agency under the Department of Justice (DOJ) for its Acropolis Enterprise Sensor Management video and data management platform.

Paul Allen, the president of Airship AI, expressed enthusiasm about the development, stating, 

“Reflected in our strong pipeline for 2024, Airship AI is actively working to drive digital transformation for video and sensor data from the edge to the cloud across the U.S. Government and with governments around the world by empowering front-line operators and data consumers to leverage the latest in AI and sensor management capabilities.”

Airship AI specializes in AI-powered video, sensor, and data management solutions tailored for surveillance purposes, aiming to enhance public safety and operational efficiency for both public sector entities and commercial clients. The company made its public debut via a SPAC merger in December, valuing the firm at $225 million.

AISP stock, which had been on a downward trend since the company went public, saw a notable shift on Tuesday following a DOJ contract announcement that might have piqued the interest of retail investors. Airship AI has been garnering attention across various social platforms this week, with the stock emerging as one of the top trending tickers on Stocktwits in the latest update.

Airship AI (NASDAQ: AISP) Stock Performance

AISP stock surged 39.80% to close at $6.92 on Wednesday. The traders had exchanged hands with 67,720,779 (67.72 million) shares compared to the average daily trading volume of 4.14 million.