Innovative Eyewear nasdaq Lucy Stock Skyrockets on Smart Eyewear Release with Chatgpt Features

Innovative Eyewear (NASDAQ: LUCY) Stock Skyrockets on Smart Eyewear Release with ChatGPT Features

Innovative Eyewear (NASDAQ: LUCY) stock skyrocketed during intraday trading on Wednesday. This surge followed the launch of Eddie Bauer® smart eyewear with ChatGPT integration.

Innovative Eyewear (LUCY) has unveiled its latest breakthrough in wearable technology: the Eddie Bauer Smart Eyewear collection. This new line features voice access to ChatGPT and marks the debut of the world’s first rimless smart eyewear design.

The Eddie Bauer Smart Eyewear collection comprises four unique styles, each featuring polarized lenses for optimal outdoor performance. This collection marks a significant innovation with the first-ever rimless smart eyewear design, seamlessly incorporating the company’s advanced technology into a lightweight and minimalist aesthetic. Each pair of glasses in this collection boasts a 100ft Bluetooth range, ultra-clear microphones, and quadrasonic speakers, facilitating music playback and call capabilities. Additionally, the glasses feature the company’s patent-pending charging dock, enabling easy and convenient recharging of the glasses and up to three other USB-charged devices, ensuring all-day functionality for active users.

CEO Harrison Gross on the New Product Line

Harrison Gross, CEO of Innovative Eyewear, highlighted the significance of the new product line, stating,

“We believe the launch of our Eddie Bauer Smart Eyewear line marks a significant milestone in our mission to push the boundaries of eyewear innovation. By introducing the first-ever rimless smart eyewear, we believe we are not only elevating style but also redefining the possibilities of wearable technology. This collection exemplifies our commitment to merging fashion and function, catering to the modern, adventurous lifestyle that Eddie Bauer embodies. We believe this is our most premium product to date, with a combination of high-end finishes, tried and true frame contours, and powerful tech accessories to deliver a smart glass experience like no other.”

The Eddie Bauer Smart Eyewear collection will soon be available through various retail channels, including department stores, sports retailers, brick-and-mortar locations, and local optical stores, making the innovative technology accessible to a wide audience.

Innovative Eyewear (NASDAQ: LUCY) Stock Price Action

On Wednesday, LUCY stock surged 131.46%, closing at $0.9490, marking a 374.50% increase for the week. The trading volume was 576,201,600 shares, significantly higher than the average daily volume of 26.29 million.