Inspira nasdaq Iinn Stock Soars Following Milestone Patent Achievement

Inspira (NASDAQ: IINN) Stock Soars Following Milestone Patent Achievement

Inspira Technologies (NASDAQ: IINN) stock surged on Wednesday following the acquisition of its inaugural U.S. Patent for an orbiting blood oxygenation delivery system.

Inspira (IINN) clinched the first-ever U.S. Patent approval for its orbiting blood oxygenation delivery system, a cornerstone technology powering the revolutionary INSPIRA™ ART500 device. This innovation features 16 novel claims.

The orbiting blood oxygenation delivery system (VORTX™) sets itself apart by oxygenating blood without using fiber membranes. The company anticipates this breakthrough will revolutionize medical practices, particularly drawbacks associated with current fiber technologies used for blood oxygenation.

Fiber oxygenators, which previously inflicted substantial damage to patients’ blood cells, VORTX™ facilitates natural laminar blood flow. In contrast, the conventional fiber-based methods force blood through layers of fibers, subjecting it to harmful turbulent flows, friction, and shear forces. The resultant high-pressure differences within the fiber walls cause considerable damage to various blood components, including high hemolysis, white blood cell damage, activation of the inflammatory and immune systems, and blood clotting.

Introduction to the INSPIRA ART500

The INSPIRA ART500, equipped with the VORTX™ system, stands out as a revolutionary device. The device is designed to improve respiratory function in awake patients. It achieves this by continuously monitoring the patient’s blood parameters in real time and delivering precise volumes of oxygen directly into the bloodstream. With the inclusion of the HYLA blood sensor, the ART500 is set to scan patients’ blood, offering the potential for real-time detection of changes in their condition and providing valuable decision-supportive data to physicians.

CEO of Inspira Technologies, Dagi Ben-Noon, said the following about the development,

“We believe that this is a monumental advancement in the landscape of blood oxygenation technologies and a pivotal milestone and another key indicator of the INSPIRA ART500’s core technological portfolio.”

Inspira (NASDAQ: IINN) Stock Movement

IINN stock jumped 35.42% to close at $1.30 on Wednesday. The traders had exchanged hands with 47,048,393 (47.04 million) shares compared to the average daily trading volume of 792.40K.