Motus Gi nasdaq Mots Stock Soars on Patent Acquisition News

Motus GI (NASDAQ: MOTS) Stock Soars on Patent Acquisition News

Motus GI Holdings (NASDAQ: MOTS) stock saw a meteoric rise in its value on Wednesday after the company acquired a new patent for endoscopic procedures.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted Motus GI (MOTS), a leading medical technology company, a brand-new patent. The newly issued patent, #11904085, revolutionized the Pure-Vu system, the company’s flagship innovation, aimed to improve the efficiency of endoscopic procedures.

The newly patented technology adds an automatic self-purging feature to the Pure-Vu system, improving its ability to manage irrigation pressure and clear blockages autonomously without requiring physician intervention. This system detects and alleviates clogs in the evacuation channel used during colonoscopies, a common issue that can lead to procedure delays.

Mark Pomeranz, CEO of Motus GI, underscored the significance of this innovation, highlighting its potential to prevent delays and enhance the overall experience for physicians. The self-purging feature uses advanced sensors to detect suction loss and identify blockage locations, seamlessly reversing flow to clear the obstruction and reopen the channel.

This patent builds upon prior U.S. patent applications and is integral to Motus GI’s efforts to enhance its intellectual property reserves in the United States. This technological breakthrough particularly pronounces its significance in inpatient endoscopy procedures, where challenges such as inadequate gastrointestinal tract preparation often cause procedural setbacks or require repeated interventions. Research suggests that as much as 50% of inpatient colonoscopies may result in an additional night of hospitalization due to these issues.

Motus GI (NASDAQ: MOTS) Stock Price Action

MOTS stock surged 68.63% to close at $1.10 on Wednesday. The traders had exchanged hands with 63,883,963 (63.88 million) shares compared to the average daily trading volume of 571.22 Thousand.