Rumble nasdaq Rum Stock Jumps Post Launch of Innovative Live streaming Product

Rumble (NASDAQ: RUM) Stock Jumps Post Launch of Innovative Live-Streaming Product

Rumble (NASDAQ: RUM) stock jumped almost 33% on Tuesday following the official release of a new live-streaming product, Rumble Studio.

Rumble (NASDAQ: RUM) recently unveiled its new live-streaming tool, Rumble Studio, which is now accessible to all Rumble users on Web, iOS, and Android platforms.

The comprehensive tool designed for creators streamlines the live-streaming process for Rumble content creators. It enables them to seamlessly broadcast videos across various platforms, invite guests, and interact with their audience. Moreover, creators gain access to powerful video enhancement tools and seamless integration within the Rumble ecosystem. Rumble Studio offers user-friendly integrations with Locals, YouTube, Twitch, X, and Facebook. Additionally, users can stream content on platforms such as Kick.

Chris Pavlovski, the Chairman and CEO of Rumble, said,

“Rumble Studio not only offers live-streaming to all platforms at no cost to the creator but revolutionizes live-streaming monetization. With its one-of-a-kind features, I’ve never been more personally excited about a single product.”

He added,

“Envision a world with live advertiser bidding, where creators wholeheartedly endorse and encourage their audiences to purchase your product, all automated and in real-time. That’s the capability of Rumble Studio.”

Axel Ericsson, the VP of Rumble Studio, shared,

“Following a beta phase, we’re thrilled to progress towards providing a top-tier live-streaming experience.”

Dave Rubin, a beta user of Rumble Studio and the founder of the Rubin Report, commented,

“Rumble Studio is leveling the media landscape by enabling everyone to contribute to shaping the narrative.” Another beta user, David Freiheit, praised that “Rumble Studio is a remarkable, intuitive, fully-integrated live-streaming studio platform that will effectively make all other alternatives obsolete. It signifies the next phase in the #RumbleTakeOver!”

Rumble (NASDAQ: RUM) Stock Reaction

RUM stock had a 32.92% increase as of Tuesday’s closing, with 89,798,792 (89.79 million) shares traded, above the 3.15 million daily average trading volume for the stock.