Cvs Health Corporation cvs Stock Declines Despite Aqr Capital Management's Increased Ownership

CVS Health Corporation (CVS) Stock Declines Despite AQR Capital Management’s Increased Ownership

AQR Capital Management LLC, an investment firm, has reported a significant increase in its ownership of CVS Health Corporation (NYSE: CVS) shares. According to their latest filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), AQR Capital Management purchased an additional 415,961 shares during the fourth quarter, resulting in a 10.8% growth in their position.

With the new acquisition, AQR Capital Management now owns a total of 4,250,346 shares of CVS Health Corporation’s stock. This represents approximately 0.9% of the company’s portfolio, making it its eighth-largest position. The total value of their CVS Health Corporation holdings at the end of the last quarter was estimated to be around $396,005,000.

Despite this positive development, CVS Health Corporation (CVS) experienced a decline in its stock value during pre-market trading on Wednesday. The shares dropped by 3.61% to reach $69.65.

It is worth noting that other hedge funds have also made adjustments to their holdings of CVS Health Corporation recently.

CWA Asset Management Group LLC increased its ownership by 5.0%, adding 605 shares to reach a total of 12,665 shares. Similarly, FirstPurpose Wealth LLC grew its position by 5.9%, acquiring an additional 161 shares and bringing its total ownership to 2,887 shares. Gofen & Glossberg LLC IL saw a 10.1% increase in their holdings, adding 3,172 shares to reach a total of 34,429 shares.