CVS Health Corporation (CVS) Stock Declines Despite AQR Capital Management’s Increased Ownership

AQR Capital Management LLC, an investment firm, has reported a significant increase in its ownership of CVS Health Corporation (NYSE: CVS) shares. According to their latest filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), AQR Capital Management purchased an additional 415,961 shares during the fourth quarter, resulting in a 10.8% growth in their position.

With the new acquisition, AQR Capital Management now owns a total of 4,250,346 shares of CVS Health Corporation’s stock. This represents approximately 0.9% of the company’s portfolio, making it its eighth-largest position. The total value of their CVS Health Corporation holdings at the end of the last quarter was estimated to be around $396,005,000.

Despite this positive development, CVS Health Corporation (CVS) experienced a decline in its stock value during pre-market trading on Wednesday. The shares dropped by 3.61% to reach $69.65.

It is worth noting that other hedge funds have also made adjustments to their holdings of CVS Health Corporation recently.

CWA Asset Management Group LLC increased its ownership by 5.0%, adding 605 shares to reach a total of 12,665 shares. Similarly, FirstPurpose Wealth LLC grew its position by 5.9%, acquiring an additional 161 shares and bringing its total ownership to 2,887 shares. Gofen & Glossberg LLC IL saw a 10.1% increase in their holdings, adding 3,172 shares to reach a total of 34,429 shares.

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