Nio Inc nio to Introduce Et5 Touring a Mid size Smart Electric Tourer in June 2023

NIO Inc. (NIO) to Introduce ET5 Touring: A Mid-Size Smart Electric Tourer in June 2023

NIO Inc. (NYSE: NIO) has announced its May 2023 delivery results. The company successfully delivered a total of 6,155 vehicles during this month. Among these deliveries, there were 2,396 premium smart electric SUVs and 3,759 premium smart electric sedans. These numbers have contributed to NIO’s cumulative deliveries reaching an impressive 333,410 vehicles as of May 31, 2023.

One of the highlights for NIO in May was the launch of their All-New ES6, a smart electric all-round SUV in China. The vehicle, built on NIO Technology 2.0 (NT2.0), offers an exceptional driving and riding experience with its exquisite design, high performance, superior comfort, and advanced digital systems. The All-New ES6 caters to a wide range of user needs, including family, business, and leisure journeys. Deliveries of the All-New ES6 began promptly on May 25, 2023.

Looking ahead, NIO has exciting plans for June 2023. The company intends to introduce a new vehicle model called the ET5 Touring, a mid-size smart electric tourer based on NT2.0. The delivery of this model will commence next month, offering users another exceptional option in NIO’s lineup of electric vehicles.

In the stock market, NIO Inc. (NIO) observed a slight change of 0.13% on Thursday, closing at $7.54. The stock opened slightly lower than the previous day’s close and traded within a range of $7.00 and $7.64 throughout the day. Notably, the trading volume reached 73.59 million shares, surpassing the average volume of 45.31 million over the past three months. NIO’s market capitalization currently stands at an impressive $12.46 billion.