Wearable Devices Ltd wlds Stock Soars Amidst Mudra Band Manufacturing Announcement

Wearable Devices Ltd. (WLDS) Stock Soars Amidst Mudra Band Manufacturing Announcement

Shares of Wearable Devices Ltd. (NASDAQ: WLDS) witnessed a remarkable surge of 35.37% on Thursday. This surge was triggered by the company’s announcement that it has started commercial manufacturing of its highly anticipated Mudra Band for the Apple Watch.

The Mudra Band has garnered significant attention from customers worldwide, with thousands of preorders already received.

The Mudra Band is a cutting-edge product that combines an innovative manufacturing technique with enhanced durability and flexibility. It seamlessly integrates with the Apple Watch, offering a sleek and flawless experience.

The Mudra Band was originally designed for the touchless operation of the Apple Watch using neural signals. Now, it introduces a groundbreaking feature called Air-Touch. This exciting addition enables users to easily control Apple’s entire range of devices using subtle finger movements and hand gestures. It eliminates the need for physical touch. With these new enhancements, users can easily toggle and switch between connected devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, Apple TV devices, and smart glasses. This results in an immersive and intuitive user experience, expanding to various mobile gaming devices.

On June 1st, WLDS stock opened higher than the previous day’s closing price and traded within the range of $1.80 and $2.36. The trading volume reached an impressive 51,389,453 (51.38 million), surpassing the average volume of 2.84 million over the past three months. Currently, WLDS holds a market capitalization of $36.58 million.