Biman Bangladesh Airlines to Reduce Dependence on Boeing with Acquisition of 10 Airbus Jets

Biman Bangladesh Airlines, the state-owned carrier, has announced its decision to acquire 10 planes from Airbus. This marks a departure from its previously Boeing-dominated fleet, according to the junior minister for civil aviation of the South Asian country. The news was confirmed by Mahbub Ali in an exclusive interview with Reuters today.

The purchase of these aircraft will be executed in multiple phases, as per the specific requirements of the airline. Currently, a technical committee is assessing the options available. Although no further details were disclosed, sources revealed that Biman Bangladesh Airlines is likely to place an order for 10 Airbus A350 widebody planes. If finalized, this would be the carrier’s first order from the renowned French planemaker.

The timeline for finalizing the deal remains uncertain, leaving speculation as to whether it will be announced in time for the upcoming Paris Airshow, commencing today. However, Ali emphasized the importance of diversifying their fleet, stating, “Every country has both Airbus and Boeing in their fleet. We didn’t have an Airbus in our fleet.” This decision is aimed at reducing reliance on The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA), which traditionally dominates widebody aircraft orders.

Currently, Biman Bangladesh Airlines possesses a fleet of over 20 aircraft, primarily consisting of Boeing planes. More than half of its fleet comprises widebody planes, with some Dash-8 turboprops also in service.

The demand for additional widebody planes by Biman Bangladesh Airlines aligns with the resurgent travel industry in the wake of the pandemic. The carrier offers direct flights to 20 destinations worldwide, including the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Thailand, and Canada.

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